By Malcolm S. McNeil, Ex-President
Hollywood Heights Association, Inc.

     Welcome to Hollywood Heights and thank you for visiting the Hollywood Heights Association, Inc. website. People have asked "Where exactly is Hollywood Heights?" We are the neighborhood bounded by Highland Avenue, Franklin Avenue, the Hollywood Bowl and Outpost Drive. Our neighborhood includes homeowners, renters,distinctive homes, recognized landmarks such as the High Tower and the Frank Lloyd Wright Freeman House, and well-known public venues such as the Hollywood Bowl and Yamashiro Restaurant.
     Our neighbors are from all walks of life, all income levels, and a wide variety of political, community and personal opinions. What unites us is our dedication to the neighborhood and our sincere belief that it is truly special and represents an historic piece of real estate with a defined character, ambiance and magic. Hollywood Heights Association ("HHA") was founded in 1983 by a group of dedicated neighbors determined to preserve the neighborhood and its environs. Today, our neighborhood has over 700 residents. HHA is governed by a Board of Directors who meet once a month to discuss and prioritize those issues which impact our neighborhood. These issues include, but are not limited to, traffic, crime, beautification and development.
      Your visit to our website tells us you are at least curious about how our Association represents the neighborhood and, at most, perhaps you want to find a way to get involved in our Association activities.  You are cordially invited to attend any of our monthly Board meetings and should you have an issue you would like addressed or discussed, you may submit it to HHA in writing so it may be placed on the Agenda and you will be afforded time to make a short presentation on the issue of concern. 
       We recognize our neighbors all have different priorities in terms of our neighborhood.  This is why HHA has a variety of committees with chairpersons in charge of each committee's activities.  Whether your interest is interfacing with the City, attending meetings of other similarly situated associations, preservation, environment, traffic, crime, or even lost and found pets, there IS a committee that will interest you and which needs your help. 
       Volunteer associations like the HHA function through the dedicated and efficient efforts of its members.  The HHA needs your participation and welcomes it. 
       We have launched our planning through the events committee to have regular social events so that everyone can get to know each other, make new friends, and learn more about the Association.  We encourage you to read the flyers which are distributed on a regular basis and which provide up to date information on goings on in the neighborhood, and usually you will receive a monthly letter from the President providing current news. 
       Our flyers are distributed through our efficient and hard-working Block Captains.  If for any reason you do not receive communications from the HHA for more than a month, you should let us know so we can assure your home is not missed in the future.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas but, most importantly, we welcome your participation. Neighborhood preservation and enhancement of our way of life are a collective enterprise that we all must undertake.  The rewards are great and the time commitment very small. 
       We hope you will visit the website often, attend our meetings and social events, and introduce yourself to us. 
       We are constantly working to assure that the activities of the Association are transparent and accessible to you our members.  If there is anything you think we should be doing differently, you are encouraged to let us know. 
       On behalf of the entire Board of Directors and all Officers of the Association, we are happy to have you as our neighbors and we look forward to communicating with you very soon!


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